the Pantheist Essays       

Welcome to my collection of Pantheist Essays 
– Essays basking in the Reverence of Nature from an Eco-Pantheistic Viewpoint.

At present, all of the essays on this site were written myself, some while attending University of Queensland, Australia. Others have been inspired by the amazing creatures and cultures in world around us.

In future, I hope to include contributions from like minded folks, so if you've put pen to paper to celebrate the wonders of Nature, feel free to send contributons by e-mail

I may also post some selections & quotes from well known Pathiests or like minded individuals from history, such as Spinoza, Bruno, Leopold, Al Gore, Bill Mollison (Mr. Permaculture) and the like.

Please note that not all would necessarily identify as 'Pantheists'.  But they will generally subscribe to a common viewpoint – that Nature is wondrous and amazing and fully deserving of our respect & reverence: both for the world it has borne and for evolving and bearing us into that world. 

I expect all of them would agree that we, the Humans on this planet, have a responsibility to preserve and foster our Natural World as much as possible, for the sake of future generations of ALL SPECIES: Plant, Animal or otherwise!!

Love your World.

Love your People.

Love your Life.